Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone (Purple Logo) – (3)

SoldFor sale Yamaha YAS-62 (Purple Logo) professional alto saxophone, made in the late eighties (no. 044xxx). Saxophone is in excellent condition, 99% lacquer, a few barely visible dings (take a look at the pictures). This Yamaha YAS-62 purple logo alto saxophone has mostly original pads mixed with new ones (all bad pads replaced). It is cleaned, oiled and set-up to play effortlessly from top to bottom with quiet action. The horn comes with the original case, mouthpiece and accessories. It has smooth, focused sound, great intonation and altissimo. Continue reading

Yamaha YTS-61 Tenor Saxophone (Purple Logo) – (4)

SoldFor sale very early three digits Yamaha YTS-61 (Purple logo) tenor saxophone, made in late sixties/early seventies (No. 09xx). It still has Selmer Balanced Action style octave key without Yamaha logo. Saxophone is in excellent shape, a couple of barely noticeable dings and lacquer at 99,9% (take a look at the pictures), overhauled recently and it plays smoothly from top to bottom with quiet and tight action, gig ready. It comes with Thomann Trekking Case and without mouthpiece. Continue reading

Saxophone High Tones by Eugene Rousseau

Saxophone High Tones by Eugene RousseauSaxophone High Tones by Eugene Rousseau – A Systematic Approach to the Extension of the Range of All the Saxophones: Soprano, Alto, Tenor and Baritone

Saxophone High Tones by Eugene Rousseau (second edition) is one of the best books covering saxophone altissimo and overtones and you should have it in your library, aside with Developing a Personal Saxophone Sound (David Liebman), Top-Tones for the Saxophone (Sigurd Rascher) and Saxophone Altissimo (Robert H. Luckey).

The book begins with the author’s prefaces to the first (1978) and second (2000) edition, foreword by Claude Delangle and fingering chart for the normal range.

Getting Started

In this chapter there are a few words on saxophone embouchure Continue reading

Maceo Parker Tenor Solo @ Mother Popcorn (Live 1969)

“2% Jazz, 98% funky stuff” –  Maceo Parker – Mother PopcornMaceo Parker Tenor Solo @ Mother Popcorn (Live 1969)

Maceo Parker, Mother Popcorn, the transcription of Maceo Parker tenor saxophone solo on Mother Popcorn, James Brown live from ABC’s 1969 show “The Music Scene“, hosted by David Steinberg. The bflat, eflat and concert versions of the transcription are available at transcriptions page. Keep practicing and have fun!

Tram 11 – Jedanajstica u Domu sportova

Jedanajstica u Domu sportova – Gdje si bio 11. 11. 2017.?

Danas (12. travnja, 2019.) je izašao je dugoočekivani DVD/CD Tram 11Jedanajstica u Domu sportova“, live snimka koncerta 11. studenog 2017. u Velikoj dvorani Doma sportova, u izdanju Menart Records. Izdanje se sastoji od DVD-a na kojem su 22 pjesme i CD-a na kojem je izbor od 15 pjesama. Među njima se nalaze svi najveći Tram 11 hitovi kao što su “Kaj ima lima?”, “Pad sistema”, “Samo kod nas”, “Malu na stranu”, “Vrućina gradskog asfalta”, “Zlo i naopako”, “Nisi pazio” i naravno “Hrvatski velikani”. Continue reading