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September 7, 2014

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Joe Allard – Basic Principles & Pedagogy

Joe Allard, saxophone master, playing principles and pedagogy.

About great Joe Allard and his woodwind (clarinet and saxophone) playing principles and pedagogy. He was a professor of saxophone and clarinet at The Juilliard School (1956-1984), Manhattan School of Music (1970-1987), New England Conservatory of Music (1970-1987), Mannes School of Music (1971-1976).  He worked with Red Nichols (1931), DuPont Cavalcade of America (1935-1957), Red Norvo Orchestra (1936-1939), Bell Telephone Hour (1940-1965), WOR Radio Orchestra, Cities Service Band of America (1947-1957), NBC Symphony Orchestra (1949-1954), Voice of Firestone (1949-1956), SymphonyJoe Allard – Autograph of the Air (1954-1963). Among his famous students are Michael Brecker, Eddie Daniels, Bob BergWillie Schwartz, Dave Liebman, Stan Getz, Paul Winter, Marty Ehrlich, Victor Morosco, Eric Dolphy, Harvey PittelSteve Grossman, Lee Konitz, Ray BeckensteinPaul Winter, Harry Carney, Kenneth Radnofsky, Teo Macero, Pete Yellin, Dave Tofani, Billy Kerr, etc.

Art has to have variety. Unless a tone has variety of color and variety in volume, unless vibrato has variety in pulse, you don’t have art. —Joseph Allard

When the effort is lost in the result, the latter is said to be artistic. —Joseph Allard

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Recording Services (Audio)

I can make studio recording of saxophones and flute in any music style or format, from simple jingle, commercial, pop or rock solo to more complex jazz solo, brass section or classical sounding work. We can discuss fee or just for a credit, depending on the artist’s budget. I own several horns and mouthpieces, always trying to pick up the best sounding combination for the particular project. Continue reading

An Interview with John Coltrane by Frank Kofsky

An Interview with John Coltrane – interviewed by Frank Kofsky

One afternoon in November 1966, Frank Kofsky took the train out to Long Island, he was about to spend the day with John Coltrane. Kofsky brought his tape recorder and what we get to hear is the conversation the two men had as they drove through town and made a few stops along the way. Below is video sample from Blank on Blank YouTube channel. Continue reading

Yamaha YTS-62 Tenor Saxophone (Purple Logo) – (3)

For sale Yamaha YTS-62 tenor saxophone (Purple logo), Yamaha’s top of the line horn from the eighties (no. 020xxx). Saxophone is in excellent shape and great looking (take a look at the pictures). It was serviced and setup recently with Pisoni pads, most of the pads replaced and it plays smoothly from top to bottom with quiet and tight action, gig ready and no need for any additional investments. The horn comes with the original case, neck strap, but without mouthpiece. Continue reading

From the Gigs (2020)

Pictures from gigs with Swingers Band

Swingers Band @ Pivana

The Martin Alto (Music Man Model) Saxophone

For sale The Martin Alto saxophone, also called Committee III, serial no. 218xxx (1962). This is “The Official Music Man model” with RMC shield. This saxophone hes been overhauled recently in SAXervis (Lenart Krečič), all new pads with flat metal resonators. This The Martin Alto saxophone is cosmetically in excellent shape with original lacquer and springs, it plays smoothly from top to bottom with light action those horns are known for. There is some lacquer loss on the bow Continue reading

Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone (Purple Logo) – (4)

For sale early four digits Yamaha YAS-62 (Purple Logo) professional alto saxophone, made in the late seventies (no. 008xxx). Saxophone is used but in good condition with some lacquer loss, one resolder on neck (octave key guard), a couple of dings (take a look at the pictures). This Yamaha YAS-62 purple logo has original pads mixed with new ones (all bad pads replaced). It is cleaned, oiled and set-up to play effortlessly from top to bottom with quiet action. The horn comes with the original case, neck strap, but without mouthpiece. It has smooth, focused sound, great intonation and altissimo. Continue reading

Sakshama Ring (Otto Link Double Ring Copy)

SoldGold plated Sakshama Double Ring Link copy, tenor saxophone mouthpiece, there is no tip opening stamp, but it feels like somewhere around .110 (8) opening. This gold plated Sakshama Double Ring Link is mint, played only for a few hours. It plays like a great Otto Link on brighter side with some edge, definitely brighter than my Otto Links no USA. If you are after brighter and punchy Otto Link, this one is for you. Comes without ligature & cap. Continue reading

From the Gigs (2019)

Pictures from gigs with Freak Out Band, Neki Novi Klinci, Mr. Dynamite, Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra, Tram 11, Swingers Band, Swing Again Band

Swing Again @ Siscia Jazz Club

Vandoren Java T75 Blue (Vintage)

For sale Vandoren Java T75 Blue (Vintage) hard rubber tenor saxophone mouthpiece in original shape (not refaced), it is declared to be at .105 tip opening. This piece plays great on brighter side, but not too bright like Jumbo version, with a lot of projection from top to bottom. It is easy to control and has great altissimo. Excellent for jazz, blues, rock, big band. It is in a great condition, clean bite-plate (some small tooth-marks barely visible), rails and facing. Comes without ligature & cap. Continue reading