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Funk Elastic New Music

As I relaunched the Funk Elastic project with new music last year, after ten years of inactivity, we released three instrumental singles in 2020. This relaunch was greatly catalyzed by lack of live gigs and work with other bands, due to the Covid-19 virus. In 2021 we are planning to release four new singles, two more instrumentals and two vocal songs, maybe cover of the well-known Christmas Carol. Funk Elastic new music is available at the online streaming and download services. Links to the most popular ones – iTunes, Spotify, YouTube Music, Deezer, Bandcamp – are on the Zivaldo Music page. Some of this music is free at the downloads page. Continue reading

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Joe Allard – Basic Principles & Pedagogy

Joe Allard, saxophone master, playing principles and pedagogy.

About great Joe Allard and his woodwind (clarinet and saxophone) playing principles and pedagogy. He was a professor of saxophone and clarinet at The Juilliard School (1956-1984), Manhattan School of Music (1970-1987), New England Conservatory of Music (1970-1987), Mannes School of Music (1971-1976). Continue reading

Vandoren Java T75 Blue (Vintage)

For sale Vandoren Java T75 Blue (Vintage) tenor saxophone mouthpiece from the 80s. This Vandoren Java Blue vintage mouthpiece is slightly corrected by well known mouthpiece maker and refacer Phil Engleman (Phil-Tone), now it plays plays great with edge and punch with fabulous altissimo range, tip opening is .105. It plays great on brighter side, but not too bright like Jumbo version, it is easy to control and has great altissimo. Excellent for jazz, blues, rock, big band. It is in a great condition, clean bite-plate (some small tooth-marks barely visible). Comes with Rovner MK III ligature and cap. Continue reading

Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone (Purple Logo) – (4)

For sale early four digits Yamaha YAS-62 (Purple Logo) professional alto saxophone, made in the late seventies (no. 008xxx). Saxophone is used but in good condition with some lacquer loss, one resolder on neck (octave key guard), a couple of dings (take a look at the pictures). This Yamaha YAS-62 purple logo has recently changed pads, it is cleaned, oiled and set-up to play effortlessly from top to bottom with quiet action. The horn comes with the original case, basic mouthpiece and accessories. It has smooth, focused sound, great intonation and altissimo. The prices of those are going up lately. Continue reading

Sambite by Funk Elastic

Sambite by Funk ElasticSambite by Funk Elastic, this is jazz samba groove and percussions on top of it, with piano and tenor saxophone solos it gets a nice Latin jazz vibe., and with piano and tenor saxophone solos it gets a nice Latin jazz vibe. It has a simple flow without any breaks, and apart from some strings background, there is not much arranging involved.
Sambite samba by Funk Elastic is available for streaming and download at the online services, check out the most popular at Zivaldo Music. Continue reading

Kenny Garrett Alto Solo @ Straight No Chaser (Live 2010)

Chick Corea Freedom Band – Straight No Chaser – Jazz in Marciac 2010 LiveKenny Garrett Alto Solo @ Straight No Chaser (Live 2010)

Kenny Garrett alto saxophone solo transcription on Straight No Chaser (Thelonious Monk) with Chick Corea Freedom Band (Chick Corea, Christian McBride, Roy Haynes, Kenny Garrett and Roy Hargrove – guest) at Jazz in Marciac 2010.
The eflat version of the transcription is available at transcriptions page.
Keep practicing and have fun! Continue reading

Funalez by Funk Elastic

Funalez by Funk ElasticFunalez by Funk Elastic, Balkans folk groove flavor. Contemporary house groove instrumental with stylized Balkans or even Middle Eastern folk music flavor with rhythmic and metric shifts above steady grove. The song features bass, flute and tenor saxophone solos.
Funalez is available for streaming and download at the online services, check out the most popular at Zivaldo Music. Continue reading

Zdenko Ivanusic Meets IBMCs

Zdenko Ivanusic meets IBMCs – jazz/hip-hop edition is a project made as a collaboration with IBMCs digital label. The album is based on a selection of compositions from my discography and features six producers/beatmakers. Zdenko Ivanusic meets IBMCs project includes eight original tracks selected from my solo albums Lost in HTML, Free Fall, albums Four Odd, Mellow with Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet and Funk Elastic single Soul Face, plus six remixes/remakes made by IBMCs family producers. Continue reading