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September 7, 2014

Zdenko Ivanušić (Blog)

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Joe Allard – Basic Principles & Pedagogy

Joe Allard, saxophone master, playing principles and pedagogy.

About great Joe Allard and his woodwind (clarinet and saxophone) playing principles and pedagogy. He was a professor of saxophone and clarinet at The Juilliard School (1956-1984), Manhattan School of Music (1970-1987), New England Conservatory of Music (1970-1987), Mannes School of Music (1971-1976).  He worked with Red Nichols (1931), DuPont Cavalcade of America (1935-1957), Red Norvo Orchestra (1936-1939), Bell Telephone Hour (1940-1965), WOR Radio Orchestra, Cities Service Band of America (1947-1957), NBC Symphony Orchestra (1949-1954), Voice of Firestone (1949-1956), SymphonyJoe Allard – Autograph of the Air (1954-1963). Among his famous students are Michael Brecker, Eddie Daniels, Bob BergWillie Schwartz, Dave Liebman, Stan Getz, Paul Winter, Marty Ehrlich, Victor Morosco, Eric Dolphy, Harvey PittelSteve Grossman, Lee Konitz, Ray BeckensteinPaul Winter, Harry Carney, Kenneth Radnofsky, Teo Macero, Pete Yellin, Dave Tofani, Billy Kerr, etc.

Art has to have variety. Unless a tone has variety of color and variety in volume, unless vibrato has variety in pulse, you don’t have art. —Joseph Allard

When the effort is lost in the result, the latter is said to be artistic. —Joseph Allard

Resources about Joe Allard principles, pedagogy and concepts

If you have any questions, contact me.

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Recording Services (Audio)

I can make studio recording of saxophones and flute in any music style or format, from simple jingle, commercial, pop or rock solo to more complex jazz solo, brass section or classical sounding work. We can discuss fee or just for a credit, depending on the artist’s budget. I own several horns and mouthpieces, always trying to pick up the best sounding combination for the particular project. I record in my project studio on a selection of excellent mics, some of them are listed on equipment page, or if budget allows in top professional studio and send tracks worldwide. I use Steinberg UR242 audio interface (24bit/192kHz) at my home studio.
Note:  If needed, I will do brass and other arrangements, necessary to improve the music, of course with the author’s approval.

Studio Recording - Saxophones, Flute

Maceo Parker Tenor Solo @ Mother Popcorn (Live 1969)

“2% Jazz, 98% funky stuff” –  Maceo Parker – Mother PopcornMaceo Parker Tenor Solo @ Mother Popcorn (Live 1969)

Maceo Parker, Mother Popcorn, the transcription of Maceo Parker tenor saxophone solo on Mother Popcorn, James Brown live from ABC’s 1969 show “The Music Scene“, hosted by David Steinberg. The bflat, eflat and concert versions of the transcription are available at transcriptions page. Keep practicing and have fun!

Tram 11 – Jedanajstica u Domu sportova

Jedanajstica u Domu sportova – Gdje si bio 11. 11. 2017.?

Danas (12. travnja, 2019.) je izašao je dugoočekivani DVD/CD Tram 11Jedanajstica u Domu sportova“, live snimka koncerta 11. studenog 2017. u Velikoj dvorani Doma sportova, u izdanju Menart Records. Izdanje se sastoji od DVD-a na kojem su 22 pjesme i CD-a na kojem je izbor od 15 pjesama. Među njima se nalaze svi najveći Tram 11 hitovi kao što su “Kaj ima lima?”, “Pad sistema”, “Samo kod nas”, “Malu na stranu”, “Vrućina gradskog asfalta”, “Zlo i naopako”, “Nisi pazio” i naravno “Hrvatski velikani”.Tram 11 - Jedanajstica u Domu sportova
Tram 11
Target (Nenad Šimun)
General Woo (Srđan Ćuk)

Zdenko Ivanušić – tenor saksofon
Mihael Kvorka – klavijature
Ivan Knez – električni bass
Robert Domitrović – bubnjevi

DJ Noki Nole (Domagoj Neumann) – scratching & ostali gramofonski trikovi

Ostali gosti na koncertu su Inkognito Popara, Renman (Renato Đošić), Lu Jakelić, Bolesna Braća, Stupni, Frx, Slavin Balen, Pendrek i FreeStyle Kingz.

DVD/CD se može kupiti u Menart Webshop-u.

Sljedeći koncert Tram 11 u Zagrebu je 13. srpnja 2019. na krovu Muzeja suvremene umjetnosti (MSU).

From the Gigs (2019)

Pictures from gigs with Freak Out Band, Neki Novi Klinci, Mr. Dynamite, Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra.

Jazz Orchestra HRT @ KDVL

Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone (Purple Logo) – (2)

SoldFor sale Yamaha YAS-62 (Purple logo) professional alto saxophone, made in the eighties (no. 38xxx). Saxophone is in excellent condition, a few small scratches (take a look at the pictures). It has all new pads and it is set-up to play effortlessly from top to bottom with quiet action. The horn comes with the original case, mouthpiece and neck strap. It has smooth, focused sound and excellent intonation.

I prefer to sell it inside EU (no customs for EU countries), but would consider worldwide shipping also. The horn is available for local pickup/cash in Zagreb (HR). Payment by bank transfer (preferred) or PayPal (buyer pays fees). Ask for the price. Pictures
Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone (Purple Logo) – (2)

Mr. Dynamite @ Jazz & Cabaret Club Kontesa

Jazz is the teacher, but funk is the preacher

Mr. Dynamite (James Brown tribute) band nastupa u zagrebačkom klubu Kontesi (Club Kontesa), 22. veljače, 2019. od 21h. Na programu najpoznatije pjesme iz repertoara James Brown-a (I Feel Good, Sex Machine, It’s a Man’s World, Soul Power, Cold Sweat, itd…), koje je za Mr. Dynamite band aranžirao Zdenko Ivanušić.

Ervin Baučić – vocal
Zdenko Ivanušić – alto sax
Vanja Ileković – tenor sax
Ivan Mučić – trombone
Tomo Presečki – guitar
Zvonimir Bučević Buč – electric bass
Marko Duvnjak – drums

Mr. Dynamite @ Jazz & Cabaret Club Kontesa

The Buescher Aristocrat “Big B” Alto Saxophone

For sale The Buescher Aristocrat “Big B” professional alto saxophone, made in 1948. The saxophone is in excellent condition. All original, lacquer, pads, snap-on resonators and gold plated Norton springs intact. Comes with the original mouthpiece, case, neck, end plug, ligature and accessories. I just treated the pads with MusicMedic Pad Juice and it plays as is effortlessly from top to bottom with quiet action. It has smooth, focused sound and excellent intonation. I’m selling it because I prefer my The Martin Alto (Comm III), but if I did more classical work I would keep it definitely.

I prefer to sell it inside EU (no customs for EU countries), but would consider worldwide shipping also. Payment by PayPal (buyer pays fees) or pickup/cash in Zagreb (HR). Ask for the price. Pictures
The Buescher Aristocrat "Big B" Alto Saxophone