Evident DLSQ

Evident (Remastered) by Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet

Last updated on October 13, 2023

Evident (remastered) avant-garde jazz by Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet, was originally released on the Four Odd (2005) album. This is contemporary / avant-garde jazz composition featuring soprano saxophone solo.

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There are two other releases of songs from Four Odd album, Conchology and More Four, so check them out. Some of those arrangements are shared for free at the downloads page.

Zdenko Ivanušić – soprano saxophone
Andrej Henigman – alto saxophone
Vanja Ileković – tenor saxophone
Damir Horvat – baritone saxophone

composed by Zdenko Ivanušić
released April 18, 2023
original release April 16, 2005
remastered from the original stereo mixdown by Zdenko Ivanušić
Official Artist Channel @ YouTube