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For sale saxophones, mouthpieces and other equipment I do not use anymore or use it so little that keeping it is really not justified.For Sale

Yamaha YTS-62 Purple Logo Tenor Saxophone – (4)

For sale Yamaha YTS-62 (Purple Logo, No 011xxx) tenor saxophone, minty, left hand stack keys and low “d” pads replaced with Pisoni pads, all others original. This Yamaha YTS-62 Purple Logo plays smoothly from top to bottom with quiet and tight action, gig ready and no need for any additional investments. This is free-blowing horn with big modern sound and excellent intonation and ergonomics. Comes with original case without mouthpiece. The prices of those are going up lately.  Continue reading

Yamaha YAS-62 Alto Saxophone (Purple Logo) – (4)

For sale early four digits Yamaha YAS-62 (Purple Logo) professional alto saxophone, made in the late seventies (no. 008xxx). Saxophone is used but in good condition with some lacquer loss, one resolder on neck (octave key guard), a couple of dings (take a look at the pictures). This Yamaha YAS-62 purple logo has recently changed pads, it is cleaned, oiled and set-up to play effortlessly from top to bottom with quiet action. The horn comes with the original case, basic mouthpiece and accessories. It has smooth, focused sound, great intonation and altissimo. The prices of those are going up lately. Continue reading