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For Sale: Saxophones, Mouthpieces, Ligatures & Microphones

For sale saxophones, mouthpieces, equipment and microphones listed here because I do not use them anymore or use them so little that keeping them is really not justified. There are Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) 😡 periods, and there are sales 😥 after. Those are private sales and all sales are final with no returns accepted. There are a lot of pictures for every article, if you need more, just ask and I will send them to you. These for sale saxophones, mouthpieces, equipment are available for local pickup and tryout in Zagreb (Croatia). Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays fees). Contact me for the prices and more info.


  • Vandoren T75 Blue vintage tenor saxophone mouthpiece (80-ties), back then called just T75, now called Java (not Jumbo), all original and in a great shape, some small tooth-marks barely visible, plays great. No ligature and cap – more
  • Selmer S80 C* tenor saxophone mouthpiece, it is, apart from some discoloration, minty, barely played and in original shape (no reface). I got it with Purple Logo Yamaha and I would keep it if the tip is bigger. I think this one is from the eighties. Comes with Rovner light ligature and cap – pictures
  • Meyer 10M “Made in USA” alto saxophone mouthpiece, older one (Early Babbitt), original, some tooth marks on bite plate. It feels more like 8 tip to me. Comes without ligature and cap – pictures
  • Charles Bay (hard rubber) vintage tenor saxophone mouthpiece, can’t find tip size no., feels like somewhere between .100 – .105, original, no reface. Looks like Otto Link TE Slant/Early Babbitt blank (very steep beak drop) with a bit longer shank and it has nice baffle. Also it has fixed small crack on shank. Comes with ligature and cap – pictures
  • Vandoren V5 A45 alto saxophone mouthpiece, older one, but original and very minty in original box. Comes without ligature and cap – pictures
  • G Metal Tradition tenor saxophone ligature and cap, little used – pictures

For Sale - Saxophones, Mouthpieces & Equipment