Swing Again - Just the Way We Feel It

Swing Again – Just the Way We Feel It

Last updated on February 14, 2023

Swing Again is a Croatian jazz octet based in Zagreb. The ensemble has horns section of two trumpets, tenor saxophone and trombone accompanied by standard rhythm section. Also, there are a couple of guest singers regularly performing with the band and the most frequent are Maja Ištvanić and Adalbert Turner Juci. Swing Again plays jazz standards, some popular music and original jazz compositions. Most of the repertoire is arranged by band leader Ante Reljić and there are some written by previous leader/drummer Josip Cvitanović.

There are twelve songs on Just the Way We Feel It album, nine jazz standards and three original songs written by Ante Reljić. This is Swing Again’s second album, the first one was Prolazi sve…osim sjećanja originally released in 2001 and re-released as Prolazi sve…osim uspomena in 2020.Swing Again - Just the Way We Feel It (2)

The musicians contributing on Just the Way We Feel It album:

Maja Ištvanić – vocal
Adalbert Turner Juci – vocal
Aldo Foško – clarinet
Zvonimir Bajević – trumpet
Krunoslav Zver – trumpet
Zdenko Ivanušić – tenor saxophone
Mario Šincek – trombone
Alan Dović – electric guitar
Davor Doležal – electric guitar
Mario Igrec – electric guitar
Ante Reljić – piano
Mladen Lima Baraković – bass
Dinko Stipaničev – bass
Karlo Kukovačec – drums
Mladen Malek – percussions
Berislav Puhlovski – conga drums

released December 16, 2022
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