Studio Recording - Saxophones, Flute

Recording Services

I can make studio recording services of saxophones and flute in any music style or format, from simple jingle, commercial, pop or rock solo to more complex jazz solo, horns section or classical sounding work. We can discuss fee or just for a credit, depending on the artist’s budget. I own several horns and mouthpieces, always trying to pick up the best sounding combination for the particular project.

I do studio recording services of saxophones and flute in my project studio on a selection of excellent mics (dynamic, ribbon, condenser) and top sounding audio recording interface, preamp and DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), or if budget allows in top professional studio and send tracks worldwide. This is the equipment I use at my home studio.

Note:  If needed, I will do horns and other arrangements, necessary to improve the music, of course with the author’s approval.