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Miles Davis Blindfold Test by Leonard Feather

Miles Davis Blindfold Test by Leonard FeatherMiles Davis blindfold test – Down Beat Volume 58 No. 12, December 1991, p.69, first published by Down Beat, June 1964

‘You have to think when you play; you have to help each other – you just can’t play for yourself. You’ve got to play with whomever you’re playing. If I’m playing with Basie, I’m going to try to help what he’s doing – that particular feeling.’

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Leonard Feather Interviews Eric Dolphy

Leonard Feather Interviews Eric DolphyLeonard Feather interviews Eric Dolphy, this interview is originally published at Alan Saul website. Listen to the audio recording of this interview:

Alan Saul: Thanks to Bruce Robinson and Mark Ladenson for providing a tape of this.
Allan Sutherland and Ray Tennenbaum sent me transcriptions of parts one through four below. I  did the rest. Corrections are welcomed.

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