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Miles Davis Blindfold Test by Leonard Feather

Miles Davis Blindfold Test by Leonard FeatherMiles Davis blindfold test – Down Beat Volume 58 No. 12, December 1991, p.69, first published by Down Beat, June 1964

‘You have to think when you play; you have to help each other – you just can’t play for yourself. You’ve got to play with whomever you’re playing. If I’m playing with Basie, I’m going to try to help what he’s doing – that particular feeling.’

Miles Davis is unusually selective in his listening habits. Continue reading

Coltrane on Coltrane – Down Beat

Coltrane on Coltrane - Down BeatColtrane on Coltrane by John Coltrane in collaboration with Don DeMicheal – 9/29/1960Down Beat Archives – Classic Interview.

I’ve been listening to jazzmen, especially saxophonists, since the time of the early Count Basie records, which featured Lester Young. Pres was my first real influence, but the first horn I got was an alto, not a tenor. I wanted a tenor, but some friends of my mother advised her to buy me an alto because it was a smaller horn and easier for a youngster to handle. This was 1943. Continue reading