The Piece for Saxophone & Piano

The Piece – For Alto Saxophone and Piano

Last updated on August 7, 2023

The Piece, composition for alto saxophone and piano is finished. I drafted this one a long time ago, somewhere in 2010, and it was sitting unfinished until recently. This is a short compositionlasting only about two minutes, and is quite simple formally. Partly it is influenced by John Coltrane harmony, but it is intended to be approached in a classical style by legit players. This piece would be a nice addition to any classical saxophone player’s repertoire.

I would like to thank Tomislav Žužak, saxophone professor at Zagreb Music Academy, for useful suggestions on dynamics and articulations, and also distinguished Croatian pianist Mia Elezović, for checking out the piano part.

The Piece, composition for alto saxophone and piano is available for free at downloads page under classical sheet music section.

composed by Zdenko Ivanušić
finished October 31, 2021
Official Artist Channel @ Youtube

There is audio here, made with virtual instruments, so you may roughly hear how it sounds.