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Sergei Prokofiev – Romeo and Juliet (1st & 2nd Suite)

Prokofiev, Sergei / ROMEO AND JULIET: SUITE NO. 2, OP. 64 TERI recently played tenor saxophone part in Romeo and Juliet (1st & 2nd Suite) by Sergei Prokofiev with Zagreb Philharmonic and David Danzmayr conducting. This great music employs tenor sax voice in solo parts and orchestra sections doubling mostly in unison with clarinet, bass clarinet or french horns. The first, most challenging and recognizable solo is in movement 1, suite 2. This is not technically difficult (it is f# minor arpeggio), but it starts from low c# sixteenth note followed by dotted eight c# and another sixteenth c# in piano (soft) dynamic, although it could be played louder in mp dynamics without worries. The problem is that this is the VERY FIRST note played in the piece, so be sure the reed speaks well in low register, check the sticky c# key and pray for the best. Continue reading