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Wilton Felder Saxophone Solo @ Soul Shadows

Wilton Felder tenor saxophone solo transcription on soulful Soul Shadows from The Crusaders  – Rhapsody and Blues classic album. The transcription is available at transcriptions page.

Review by Scott Yanow

The Crusaders’ follow-up to Street Life did not result in any additional hits (does anyone remember Bill Withers’ vocal on “Soul Shadows?”) and found the group’s R&Bish music sounding closer to a formula. Each of the three remaining original Crusaders (Wilton Felder on tenor, soprano, alto and electric bass, keyboardist Joe Sample and drummer Stix Hooper), who are joined by an expanded rhythm section, contribute at least one original piece but the group’s concept was starting to sound a bit tired.

Wilton Felder - Soul Shadows

Kenny Garrett Saxophone Solo @ Straight Street

Kenny Garrett alto saxophone solo transcription on Straight Street (John Coltrane) from African Exchange Student (1990) album. Listen to the recording at Youtube. The eflat version of the transcription is available at transcriptions page.

Review by Scott Yanow

Altoist Kenny Garrett, who was then a key member of Miles Davis’ group, had one of his strongest early sets as a leader on this Atlantic disc. “Ja-Hed” features his post-bop improvising over the chord changes of “Impressions,” the is both lighthearted and adventurous on “Mack the Knife” and the title cut has Garrett expertly building up an emotional solo from intense long tones to sound explorations and late period ‘Trane screams. Throughout the CD, Kenny Garrett’s alto is the main attraction but the…more

Kenny Garrett - "African Exchange Student"
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