Saxtail by Funk Elastic

Saxtail by Funk Elastic

Last updated on September 6, 2023

Saxtail by Funk Elastic, this is a jazz-fusion groove with some drum & bass flavor, featuring 6 string electric bass and tenor saxophone solos. This tune features Damir Šomen, one of the best Croatian session drummers, legendary Croatian bass player Zvonimir Bučević Butch, on a 6 string electric bass solo and DJ Mr Dirty Hairy with some inventive scratches.

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Zdenko Ivanušić – flute, alto & tenor saxophone, piano, programing
Matt Davies a.k.a. Mr Dirty Hairy – DJ scratches
Zvonimir Bučević Butch – 6 string electric bass solo
Robert Lajić – electric bass, mixing & mastering
Damir Šomen – drums

composed by Zdenko Ivanušić
released February 22, 2022
cover photo by Kindel Media from Pexels
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