Octave Key Mod for Yamaha 61 and 62 Saxophone

Last updated on February 14, 2023

This is a simple tutorial (octave key modification) how to modify Yamaha 61/62 (it might work on other models 21, 25…)  alto or tenor saxophone octave key mechanism to work with Yamaha custom necks. I tested it with G1, G3 and V1 alto/tenor custom necks, but other Yamaha custom necks should work also. The problem is that the octave lever on these models is too short to reach custom neck octave key, so we need to extend it approximately 1 cm (0.394 in), depending on particular horn/neck combination. The modification is quite stable, but could be easily removed/reversed into the original state.

  • to make this modification you will need Hot Glue Filled Heat Shrink Tube, 5/16 inch and 3/16 inch diameter, small heat blower and scissorsOctave Key Mod on Yamaha 61 or 62 Saxophones
  • cut both tubes a bit longer than actually needed and put narrower one on the lever and apply a little heat, just to make it catch the lever, after that put wider one over and apply heat until they shrink, be careful with heat, not to burn them out.Octave Key Mod on Yamaha 61 or 62 Saxophones
  • you may put it over original plastic moved up to the top, just leave it 2-3 mm on the lever, you will see if it can reach the octave key, in this case one wider tube will do (pictures)Octave Key Mod on Yamaha 61 or 62 Saxophones
  • wait a few seconds and while it is still soft fine tune it to neck octave key (remember there should be a small distance between key and lever), when finished let it cool down fullyOctave Key Mod on Yamaha 61 or 62 Saxophones
  • finally cut off the top as needed and smooth it out with applying a little heat
  • now both necks, the original and custom neck, can be easily used without any trouble

I did this mod on a two YAS-62 (Purple logo and MK 1), YTS-62 (Purple logo) and my YAS-61 and YTS-61. If the opportunity arises for me to do this mod again I will make a video and put it on YouTube.

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