Walkin' - Miles Davis All-Stars

Lucky Thompson Saxophone Solo @ Walkin’ (Miles Davis)

Last updated on August 29, 2023

Lucky Thompson transcription of great tenor saxophone blues solo on Walkin’ from Miles Davis All Star Sextet – Walkin’ (Prestige) album.
The composition has been attributed by various sources to Jimmy Mundy, Miles Davis, and Gene Ammons. The copyright registration listed the composer as Richard E. Carpenter, a businessman and artist manager who had professional relationships with Mundy and Tadd Dameron, and was not known to be a musician or composer.Lucky Thompson

There are bflat and concert versions of this Lucky Thompson solo transcription on Walkin’ with Miles Davis All Star Sextet, available at transcriptions page.
I also made a YouTube video for this transcription, so check it out below.

Have fun and keep practicing!