Free Fall - Zdenko Ivanušić Quartet

Free Fall

Zdenko Ivanušić QuartetFree Fall
Zdenko Ivanušić – saxophone
Elvis Penava – guitar
Zvonimir Bučević Butch – electric bass
Borna Šercar – drums

All songs composed and arranged by Zdenko Ivanušić

Recorded on 14 July & 9 September, 2009 at Galženica Hall by Krešimir Petar Pustički
Mixing and mastering at Studio Smokva by Dragutin Smokrović Smokva & Robert Lajić
Producer: Robert Lajić
Liner notes: Edward Blanco
Cover design: Marko Prljić
Executive producer: Zdenko Ivanušić

Catalogue No. CD – 042009
Released at Zivaldo Music November, 2009
full album @ YouTube

  1. Some Blue
  2. Maestro M
  3. Four to Go
  4. Marching Roots
  5. Mellow
  6. Free Fall
  7. Free Fall (Real Free)
  8. Bizznezz
  9. Samba FAQ
  10. Happy Now

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  • Edward Blanco – Free Fall Liner Notes
    Presenting ten new originals, this new effort propels elements of Latin, funk, free form and New Orleans style grooves to new levels. A creative composer, Ivanušić explores a new approach with Free Fall, where the center piece of the album draws energy from the free form expression of jazz … more
  • Mike Reynolds @
    Free Fall starts with a solid quartet of top-notch contemporary jazz musicians who take very good original material and then arrange that material in a logical, progressive and pleasing over-arching musical form to make a completely satisfying package. Both Ivanusic and Penava are talented soloists … more
  • Nikola Marković @
    The easiest way to describe the music on this album is two words: modern mainstream. More concretely, this means that Ivanušić (who wrote all the compositions) uses tested harmony and melody samples, leaning on the post-bop rhythm section, which often turns into a buoyant funk and groove … more
  • Dinko Husadžić Sansky @
    On the new album Zdenko Ivanušić has advanced in expressing his musical ideas and in achieving synergy with the rest of the band (Elvis Penava, guitar, Zvonimir Bučević-Buč, bass and Borna Šercar, drums) and has created an album which, although emanating from the values recognized on albums Lost in Html, Mellow and Four Odd, also truly represents a big step forward … more
  • Dinko Prpić @
    As early on as the first track “Some Blue”, Ivanušić shows his fortes: in an otherwise Sanbornish theme, his crystal clear alto tone, more alike Marsh or Konitz than Sanborn himself, coupled with a similar approach by Penava, provides an interesting counterpoint to the lively rhythm section … more
  • Davor Hrvoj @ Novi List
    … with his fellow musicians in the quartet, guitarist Elvis Penava, bass guitarist Zvonimir Bučević Buč and drummer Borna Šercar, he managed to achieve well-coordinated and well-rounded performances. This album features two previously recorded and eight new original compositions, belonging to a variety of subgenres … more
  • Vera Lončar @ Cantus
    … jasan i čist ton kojim Ivanušić donosi temu, jednako je karakterističan za … more