Zdenko Ivanusic Meets IBMCs

Zdenko Ivanušić Meets IBMCs

Last updated on June 20, 2024

Zdenko Ivanusic meets IBMCs – jazz/hip-hop edition is a project made as a collaboration with IBMCs digital label. The album is based on a selection of compositions from my discography and features six producers/beatmakers. Zdenko Ivanusic meets IBMCs project includes eight original tracks selected from my solo albums Lost in HTML, Free Fall, albums Four Odd, Mellow with Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet and Funk Elastic single Soul Face, plus six remixes/remakes made by IBMCs family producers. The main concept of the project was to show fusion between jazz and hip-hop. The man behind the release is Milorad Grubor aka MGgost, who initiated and organized the whole project.

IBMCs producers who made the remixes:
Dr. Drumah (Salvador, BRA)
SunnySun (Ljubljana, SLO)
I-Bee (Niš, SRB)
Bizzdiss (Novi Sad, SRB)
Spacetrin (Novi Sad, SRB)
Direct Control (Novi Sad, SRB)

released June 25, 2020
stream & download @ Bandcamp
review @ Blackout Hip Hop