The Second Annual Effigy Awards 2008 Results

I am glad to inform you that I (as a solo artist and with Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet) had four nominations and was a finalist in Second Annual Fame Games Effigy Awards 2008

The experts that were invited to judge the Effigy Awards.
The links to the categories in which I was included.

Nominee in categories (top five artists):

  • Best Artist in Style – Jazz Funk
  • Best Instrumental Performance
  • Best Song in Style – Jazz Funk (Lost in HTML Remix)
  • Best Song in Style – Jazz Funk (Crossreference)

Finalist in these categories:

  • Best Overall Artist
  • Most Popular Artist
  • Most Popular Solo
  • Best BG Profile
  • Best Solo
  • Best Overall Artist (Donna Lee Sax4)
  • Best Group (Donna Lee Sax4)
  • Best Artist in Style (Donna Lee Sax4)
  • Most Popular Artist (Donna Lee Sax4)
  • Most Popular Band (Donna Lee Sax4)
  • Best Instrumental Performance (Donna Lee Sax4)
  • Best BG Profile (Donna Lee Sax4)

Some of my songs were finalist in next categories:

  • “Lost in HTML Remix” – Best Overall Song
  • “Lost in HTML Remix” – Best Production
  • “Lost in HTML Remix” – Best Songwriting
  • “Lost in HTML Remix” – Most Popular Song
  •   “Done (redisco Remix)” – Best Song in Style – Jazz Funk
  •   “Conchology” – Best Song in Style – Jazz Funk

I’d like to thank everybody who supported and voted for me and DLSQ.