Zdenko Ivanušić (Teaching)Anyone who is seriously interested in playing the saxophone and being a good musician, may contact me freely. I accept only serious and advanced level students (high school/graduate), who are not satisfied with their playing, sound, etc. and want to improve. It doesn’t matter whether they play jazz or classical saxophone, because I teach general saxophone playing skills. Lessons in harmony and theory are assumed, as they are an inclusive part in playing an instrument. As a rule, I avoid taking on beginners, but I can make an exception, after I take some factors into consideration.
For the beginners (in Zagreb) I recommend “Groove Sound & Music School“.
I give lessons at my studio in Zagreb, Croatia.

Go to the educational category at blog for more resources (exercises, theory, etc…) and check out transcriptions page. I highly recommend to read this post. Constructive comments are welcome. If anybody is willing to contribute to this section, (transcriptions, exercises, articles…), feel free to contact me.