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For Sale: Saxophones, Mouthpieces & Equipment

This stuff is for sale because I do not use it anymore or use it so little that keeping it is not justified. There are Gear Acquisition Syndrome (GAS) 😡 periods, and there are sales 😥 after. Those are private sales and all sales are final with no returns accepted. There are a lot of pictures for every article, if you need more, just ask and I will send them to you. The equipment is available for local pickup and tryout in Zagreb (HR). Payment can be made by bank transfer or PayPal (buyer pays fees). The prices are not listed here, so contact me for the price and more info.

  • Yamaha YTS-62 (Purple logo, No 011xxx) tenor saxophone, minty, left hand stack and palm keys pads replaced, all others original. Setup and tuned, plays excellent and needs nothing, ready to be used. Comes with original case without mouthpiece. – Pictures
  • Otto Link STM Florida (USA) 9 tenor saxophone mouthpiece, “Phil-Tone” – Pictures
  • Otto Link STM Early Babbitt (EB) tenor saxophone mouthpiece, all original, never refaced, with original ligature and cap, very clean – Pictures
  • Vandoren v16 A6 S+ chamber (this is new chamber model which replaced S chamber) alto saxophone mouthpiece. It is practicality new, played for half an hour. I bought it just to compare it to my NY Meyer 6M and they do play very similar. No ligature and cap, mouthpiece only. – Pictures
  • Yamaha YTS-61 tenor saxophone original neck, no pull-down or dents, new cork and octave key pad. It plays great and fits other Yamaha tenor saxes, YTS-62 (Purple Logo), YTS-23 and probably the others with minor modification. – Pictures
  • BG Metal Tradition tenor saxophone ligature and cap, little used – Pictures
  • Vandoren v12 no.3 tenor saxophone reeds, sealed boxes (5 reeds/box) – Pictures
  • Sennheiser MD 421 N microphone This one is vintage MD 421N model with Kleintuchel (Din) connector. Microphone is in an excellent condition, comes with original clip and adapter cable from Kleintuchel (Din) to XLR. – Pictures

Equipment - For Sale

Vandoren A45 Refaced by Phil Engleman “Phil-Tone”

SoldFor sale used Vandoren V5 A45 hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpiece refaced by Phil Engleman “Phil-Tone” to .82 tip opening (100€ value). Phil also did some chamber work making this piece a medium bright and fat player. This one definitely outplays all the Vandoren V5 and other brands HR stock pieces, excellent for jazz, blues, big band. In a great condition (clean bite-plate), so don’t miss this one. Vandoren A45 Refaced by Phil Engleman (Phil-Tone)Comes without ligature & cap.
Worldwide shipping with PayPal payment, no customs for EU countries. Ask for the price. 

Vandoren A45 (Vintage) Alto Sax Mouthpiece (Phil-Tone)

SoldFor sale Vandoren A45 hard rubber alto saxophone mouthpiece, eighties vintage with Vandoren Paris slant logo engraved, not just painted as at the current production pieces called V5 series, checked and just slightly refaced to .86 tip opening by Phil Engleman “Phil-Tone” (100€ value). This is quite bright and powerful player with nice rollover Vandoren A45 (Vintage) Alto Sax Mouthpiece (Phil-Tone)baffle superior to current Vandoren pieces which lacks such a baffle and plays dull and stuffy. Excellent for jazz, blues, funk, pop, big band. Comes without ligature & cap. Worldwide shipping with payment by bank transfer (preferred) or PayPal, no customs for EU countries. Ask for the price. Pictures