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Croatian Army Band Dilema @ KDVL

Croatian Army Big Band performs Dilema, composition by Miljenko Prohaska at jazz festival Proljetna revija jazza in April, 1998 at Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall, Zagreb.

Miljenko Prohaska was famous Croatian composer/arranger and bandleader. He was longtime leader and artistic director of Radio Zagreb Dance Orchestra (the present-day Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra). This band was bigger rendition, called  “Sympho” Big Band, with additional bras and woodwinds instruments. Continue reading

Developing a Personal Saxophone Sound by Dave Liebman

Developing a Personal Saxophone Sound by Dave LiebmanDeveloping a Personal Saxophone Sound by Dave Liebman is the book which changed my life regarding saxophone playing. I got this book in December 1996 and started reading thoroughly sentence by sentence, chapter by chapter. At that time I already had a degree in classical saxophone from the Zagreb Music Academy and played professionally for four years in the Croatian Army Wind Orchestra, Big Band and in some jazz combos and pop bands. My embouchure and approach were based on French school classical saxophone playing (heavily influenced by Claude Delangle) and when I played jazz I just tried to be more relaxed (now I see that really wasn’t possible). But I realized that this approach really did not work for me regarding sound and flexibility, and I constantly had a sore lower lip, so I couldn’t go on like this anymore and I had to change. Continue reading

Zdenko Ivanušić – Biografija

Zdenk Ivanušić - BiografijaZdenko Ivanušić – biografija – saksofonist i kompozitor, dinamičan je član hrvatske glazbene scene od 1990. Preko bogatog iskustva u klasičnoj glazbi, jazzu, fusionu i funku postiže jedinstven pristup u raznim izvođačkim situacijama, od simfonijskog orkestra, komornog ansambla do big banda, kvarteta saksofona ili malog sastava.

Kao voditelj Donna Lee Saxophone Quarteta, Funk Elastica, Zdenko Ivanušić Quarteta, uz jazz standarde, promovira vlastite kompozicije i originalne aranžmane. U kompozicijama koristi poliritmiju i politonalnost, kojima u izvedbama postiže emocionalni intenzitet i improvizacijsku jasnoću.

U Simfonijskom puhačkom orkestru Hrvatske vojske Continue reading

And now…

Retired - Croatian Army BandI am retired after seventeen years in Croatian Army Band (1992-2009), and I have to a make a living as a full freelance musician (quite a challenge in this small country). Now I will have more time to concentrate at my own music to learn and study things I missed before because of lack of time. My new album (Free Fall) is already on its way and should be released early next year (2010). This is my second solo album and fourth counting two with Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet. This will be full jazz quartet album recorded live (no overdubs) in a vintage manner for Zivaldo Records. After this CD I will probably try to explore some other settings and more modern genres. Next thing I would consider more is saxophone education. Continue reading