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Funalez by Funk Elastic

Funalez by Funk ElasticFunalez by Funk Elastic, Balkans folk groove flavor. Contemporary house groove instrumental with stylized Balkans or even Middle Eastern folk music flavor with rhythmic and metric shifts above steady grove. The song features bass, flute and tenor saxophone solos. Funalez is available for streaming and download at the online services, check out the most popular at Zivaldo Music. Continue reading

Zdenko Ivanusic Meets IBMCs

Zdenko Ivanusic meets IBMCs – jazz/hip-hop edition is a project made as a collaboration with IBMCs digital label. The album is based on a selection of compositions from my discography and features six producers/beatmakers. Zdenko Ivanusic meets IBMCs project includes eight original tracks selected from my solo albums Lost in HTML, Free Fall, albums Four Odd, Mellow with Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet and Funk Elastic single Soul Face, plus six remixes/remakes made by IBMCs family producers. Continue reading

From the Gigs (2016)

Pictures from gigs with Playcode Band, Swingers Band, General Woo, Brain Holidays, Mr. Dynamite

Mr. Dynamite @ Peper


General Woo “Pad Sistema Live” @ Vintage Industrial Bar

U četvrtak, 7. svibnja 2015. u Vintage Industrial Baru sviram s General Woo, kao član njegovog pratećeg banda Funksteri (Zdenko Ivanušić – tenor saksofon, flauta; Ivan Knez – el. bass; Robert Domitrović – bubnjevi).

General Woo i Funksteri, Mr Dirty Hairy, Pendrek + gosti Ajs Nigrutin, Bizzo, Sunny Sun

General Woo u sklopu aktualne turneje “Pad sistema” priprema veliki koncert. U timu sa svojom stalnom postavom Mr Dirty Hairy i MC Pendrek na ovom koncertu ćete imati priliku čuti Generala i ekipu pojačane bass gitariom, bubnjem i saksofonom. Svojim dolaskom ovaj spektakl će uveličati Ajs Nigrutin (bad copy), Sunny Sun, Bizzo (Bolesna Braća), dok ćemo druge goste iznenađenja najaviti u periodu ususret koncertu. Upad 55/70kn – pretprodaja Dirty Old Shop.

General Woo "Pad Sistema Live" @ Vintage Industrial Bar