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Pat Metheny on Kenny G

Pat Metheny on Kenny G

Pat Metheny on Kenny G – Source


Pat, could you tell us your opinion about Kenny G – it appears you were quoted as being less than enthusiastic about him and his music. I would say that most of the serious music listeners in the world would not find your opinion surprising or unlikely – but you were vocal about it for the first time. You are generally supportive of other musicians it seems. Continue reading

Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra & Milko Lazar (2015)

Free Fall – Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra

Croatian Radiotelevision Jazz Orchestra (Jazz Orchestra HRT) performing composition Free Fall arranged for big band at concert in studio Bajsić at Croatian Radiotelevision (24 May 2009). This is a live recording, so there are some little mistakes here and there, but overall groove and vibe are satisfactory. Continue reading