Mel Lewis and Friends - Michael Brecker

Michael Brecker Saxophone Solo @ Moose the Mooche

Last updated on August 29, 2023

Michael Brecker tenor saxophone solo transcription on Moose the Mooche from Mel LewisMel Lewis and Friends (1977) album, recorded June 8 and 9 and mixed June 18, 1976 at Generation Sound, NYC.

Moose The Mooche is a bebop composition written by Charlie Parker in 1946. This composition is in the key of B♭ major and has a 32-bar AABA structure. The chord progression is based on the I Got Rhythm changes and makes extensive use of the ii-V-I turnaround.

There are bflat and concert versions of this Michael Brecker solo transcription on Moose The Mooche, available at transcriptions page.
I also made a YouTube video for this transcription, so check it out below.

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