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Last updated on October 15, 2023

Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet (DLSQ)Mellow

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Zdenko Ivanušić – alto & soprano sax
Andrej Henigman – alto sax
Vanja Ileković – tenor sax
Aleš Suša – baritone sax

All songs composed and arranged by Zdenko Ivanušić, except 1, 2, 6 & 10 – traditional, arranged by Zdenko Ivanušić

Recorded on 11 & 12 May, 2008 at Zvonimir Hall direct to two channels by Krešimir Petar Pustički
Editing and mastering: Krešimir Petar Pustički
Producer: Krešimir Petar Pustički
Liner notes: Scott Yanow
Cover design: Marko Prljić
Executive producer: Zdenko Ivanušić

Catalogue No. CD – 032008
Released at Zivaldo Music September 20, 2008

  1. When the Saints Go Marching In
  2. Little Brown Jug
  3. Lost in HTML
  4. Four to Go
  5. Always My Love
  6. U Kruševo Ogin Gori
  7. Blues No.1
  8. Freedom Piece
  9. Mellow
  10. La Cucaracha


  • Scott Yanow – Mellow Liner Notes
    Throughout “Mellow”, The Donna Lee Saxophone Quartet succeeds at displaying its own musical identity, inspired by its predecessors while standing alone, not only in Croatia but throughout the jazz world … more
  • Keith “MuzikMan” Hannaleck @
    The title is a bit deceiving at times, they roll out some “kick your heels up” post bop that requires endless energy and adept skill to perform then they can scale it back with equal precision like subtleties while in the same instance turn around and play what borders on progressive acid jazz. The best case in point would have to be their different adaptation of “La Cucaracha” … more
  • Scott Albin @
    On this follow-up to their first CD, Four Odd, it becomes apparent that baritonist Suša’s role is just as important to the DLSQ’s overall success as were those of Hamiet Bluiett and Jim Hartog, respectively, to the aforementioned a cappella sax quartets – providing essential basslines and rhythms. Ivanušić is the DLSQ’s strongest soloist and main composer, a vibrant player heard at his best on his own infectious “Four to Go.” Suša’s winding bassline leads to Ivanušić’s articulation of the … more
  • Edward Blanco @
    … it is one very unique recording featuring an ensemble of saxophones at times playing in harmonious unison while at other times launching lengthy sax chases that are anything but mellow. The Donna Lee Quartet does a fine job here with a muscle performance on the reeds that succeeds in making one forget about the need for a traditional rhythm section … more
  • Pavle Vukšić @
    Imajući na umu upravo album-prethodnik, detalj koji bi nakon slušanja “Mellowa” prvi trebao biti crveno potcrtan u slušateljskoj bilježnici glasi da se Donna Lee Sax Quartet novom pločom znatno približio ostvarenju svoje izvorne ideje, a to je glazba omeđena isključivo mogućnostima četiriju saksofona … more
  • Vera Lončar @ Cantus
  • Someone @ Novi List