Maceo Parker Solo @ Cold Sweat (Soundtrack 1994)

Maceo Parker Saxophone Solo @ Cold Sweat

Last updated on December 23, 2023

Maceo Parker alto saxophone solo transcription on Cold Sweat by James BrownAlfred “Pee Wee” Ellis from Soundtrack album (Minor Music 1994). This take was recorded during live concerts at Fabrik in Hamburg, Germany on April 12, 13, & 14, 1994.

Cold Sweat developed from an earlier James Brown R&B song, I Don’t Care, recorded in 1962 and first released on the album Tour the U.S.A.

Cold Sweat can make a credible claim to being the first funk song, Pee Wee Ellis co-wrote the track, merging his jazz sensibility with Brown’s R&B. Pee Wee Ellis, who had a jazz background, was a saxophone player in the band. He based the repeating horns riff on the Miles Davis song So What, which has a similar structure.

There are eflat and bflat versions of this Maceo Parker solo transcription on Cold Sweat, available at transcriptions page.

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