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Keep The Customer Satisfied – Buddy Rich

Ernie Watts, Jimmy Mosher & Joshua Redman – Solos

Ernie Watts tenor saxophone solo transcription on Always Say Goodbye (Charlie Haden) from Charlie Haden Quartet WestAlways Say Goodbye (Gitanes), Jimmy Mosher alto saxophone solo transcription on Keep The Customer Satisfied (Simon & Garfunkel) from Keep The Customer SatisfiedBuddy Rich Big Band (Liberty/Pacific Jazz) and Joshua Redman tenor saxophone transcription solo on Killer Joe (Benny Golson) from Quincy JonesQ’s Jook Joint (Qwest). Continue reading

King Curtis - Respect

King Curtis, Sam Butera & Malcolm “Molly” Duncan – Solos

King Curtis (Butera, Duncan) tenor saxophone solo transcription on Respect (Aretha Franklin) from I Never Loved a Man the Way I Love YouSam Butera tenor saxophone solo transcription on Buona Sera (Louis Prima) on Louis PrimaThe Wildest! and Malcolm “Molly” Duncan tenor saxophone solo transcription on Pick Up The Pieces from Average White BandAWB. Continue reading