John Coltrane

An Interview with John Coltrane by Frank Kofsky

Last updated on February 10, 2023

An Interview with John Coltrane – interviewed by Frank Kofsky

One afternoon in November 1966, Frank Kofsky took the train out to Long Island, he was about to spend the day with John Coltrane. Kofsky brought his tape recorder and what we get to hear is the conversation the two men had as they drove through town and made a few stops along the way. Below is video sample from Blank on Blank YouTube channel.

The Jazz musician, John Coltrane, discusses his art, the meaning of music in human experience, and his particular spiritual approach. This rare interview was done less than a year before his death. – RECORDED: November 1966. BROADCAST: KPFK, 1 Jan. 1973.

Date Recorded on: Nov. 1966.
Date Broadcast on: KPFK, 1 Jan. 1973.
Item duration: 1 reel (58 min.) : 7 1/2 ips, mono.|58:00
You can buy full interview at Pacifica Radio Archives website.

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